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What is BLI?

The Blended Learning Initiative with Steppingstone Scholars allows high school students to learn programming skills, particularly in Java. Students are prepared to take formal assessments to help build their resumes to assist in the college application process or earn jobs to assist them in growing their skills.


When does BLI take place?

Students participate in an intensive four-week course over the summer to learn basics or strengthen their Java skills. In the academic year, students who wish to learn more are offered a weekly course. Students usually sit for the exam after their second year. 


What is the cost?

The program is free to students. With the support of PYN, students can actually earn money while taking these courses. 


Are students required to take the exam?

While the exam is optional, Steppingstone encourages and pays for students to sit for the exam. 


Who teaches the program?

Philadelphia college students help support students in learning the new content and helping provide more individualized attention. Steppingstone Scholars staff oversees these students and are present for all lessons.


What are the job prospects for Java developers?

Computer programmers are in high demand! The average starting salary of java developers is $47,000 even without a college degree. Once a student completes a four-year bachelor’s degree, the salaries go up significantly. 


Who can I contact for more information?

Stephanie Andell, Associate Director of STEAM and Robotics for Steppingstone Scholars can be reached at

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