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Booster Shots start Sat., January 7th, 2017
Scholars should bring:
  • ​Their book bag

  • Homework from the previous week

  • Any progress notes/ report cards


Scholars who attend all* Booster Shots in the 2016-2017 school year, will receive 50% OFF StepItUp! 

Learn about StepItUp!, The Steppingstone Academy's summer enrichment program.

* No exceptions.

Booster Shot monthly events are designed to:
  • support Scholars through Life Skills & Advising support

  • expose Scholars to high-level thinking challenges (math, literacy & robotics)

  • give families direct access to Steppingstone advisors on a regular basis

  • support Scholars through mentoring opportunities

  • & more!

Why monthly sessions for 6th & 7th grade Scholars?
  • 6th grade is a huge transition year for Scholars​:

    • entering middle school​

    • increased responsibility

    • many Scholars entering independent school culture for the first time

  • 7th grade is a critical year for Scholars in terms of:

    • high school placement & acceptance

    • high school scholarships

      • schools use 7th grade report cards to make decisions

Time & Location

11am- 1pm

The Tuttleman Learning Center

1809 North 13th Street (bottom floor)

Philadelphia, PA 19122

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