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During the summer session small groups of Scholars will have an Advisor (who is their homeroom teacher) - a faculty member who will meet regularly with them to discuss academic issues, as well as other issues that may affect Scholars beyond the classroom. These advisory groups will meet twice a week in the mornings before the start of school, everyday during the morning break, and at the end of the school day. The hope is that these advisory groups will strengthen the bond between faculty and students and allow for discussions that broaden Scholars’ perspectives.

During the school year, advisory groups are created based on the schools students attend. Program staff visits schools monthly as well as  organizes grade group outings and college trips to expose students to different academic and cultural experiences and to continue strengthening the bond between staff and students. Students are also able to attend Saturday tutoring sessions where they can get assistance on school work, applications or just talk with staff. Our goal is to create a college going environment that introduces, prepares and guides our students through the path to College completion.

In addition to advising, Steppingstone Scholars in partnership with Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, the University of the Sciences, the Mayor’s Office of Education, the School District of Philadelphia (SDP), and a number of nonprofit organizations hosts StepInto College, a two-day college prep conference. The Conference is in response to cuts in SDP’s college access services and personnel. The 2014 & 2015 SITC served over 800 students, counselors and families in what is an annual series focused on college preparation open to all students in the region. 

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