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Upward Bound supports Philadelphia high school public and charter students by offering tutoring to support core, elective, and special interest classes. With a competent and committed staff of college students, Upward is able to offer tutoring for groups or on one-on-one bases.


While we strive to provide tutoring for every class, there are many schools with classes outside the typical high school catalog. For those scholars, please select Tutoring - Other and we will pair you with the best Tutor Mentor aligned with your needs. 

For an appointment, click below. 

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Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math-Science scholars complete at least one advising appointment with their coordinator each semester. These appointments cover a range of topics for high school success and college access including, but not limited to, high school course advisement, career exploration, college affordability, individualized learning supports, and summer program or internship discussions. Please use the link below to schedule your advising session with your program-specific coordinator.


To best prepare for your session, be sure to provide your coordinator with the following items, as needed:

* Class roster/ schedule

* Most recent SAT/ACT/ Keystone scores

* Most recent report card or progress report

* Any Upward Bound forms to be submitted

In this section of the website, you will find information about your tutoring sessions for Upward Bound. Please reach out your coordinator or assigned TM with any questions. 

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