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First-Year Series: These workshops lay the foundation for students who are just joining the Temple University Upward Bound and Math/Science Upward Bound community. We do things differently, all with the intention of helping our students excel in and outside of school. First-Year Series helps students understand our unique approach and how it all works together to make them stronger college candidates.


Sophomore Series: We know that success starts early. In addition to UB's & MSUB's classes and tutoring, we help our 10th grade students understand what they should look for in a college education and what colleges will value in them. Sophomore Series is devoted to helping our students identify their areas of interest and strength as they move toward college.


Junior Series: Junior year is the most important academic year for future college students. In Junior Series we teach scholars how to make the most of 11th grade to position themselves for admission into more selective colleges and the attainment of multiple scholarship awards. Junior Series is a pre-cursor to Capture Greatness Scholarship Club, as a high school senior.

In this section of the website, you will find information about your Grade Level Series for Upward Bound. Please reach out your coordinator or assigned TM with any questions. 

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