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In this section of the website, you will find information about your classes for Upward Bound. Please reach out your coordinator or assigned TM with any questions. 


The Upward Bound Math programs offers a rigorous mathematics experience that provides comprehensive college preparation. It utilizes the Community College of Philadelphia mathematics curriculum that gives our scholars exposure to collegiate level math from ninth grade through graduation. The Upward Bound Math program is designed to transition scholars into our dual enrollment courses. Scholars will also receive mathematics instruction that supports their high school mathematics courses from Algebra 1 through Trigonometry. 



The Upward Bound English curriculum is a blend of 11th grade AP coursework through a collegiate English 101 program. Scholars start the program with a high level of grammar, phonics, and writing instruction. All of our scholars are given intensive writing exposure throughout the program trajectory. They are well prepared to manage the demands of collegiate level writing. By the time of their rising senior year, they are well equipped to write a short thesis and the majority of our scholars are able to test into college level English courses. Our English program is structured so that most scholars are able to enroll into our dual enrollment course pathway. 


UBMS scholars will continue to work toward this benchmark as per normal programming. Without the ability to have a physical fair, scholars will work through their rationale and materials list to make them “presentation ready.” This means grammar, content, conciseness, and topic are in check. Topics should be fitting to the abilities of a high school student. See samples and guidelines.The goal is to prepare as much of the project as possible so that when the fair gets scheduled students are ready to experiment. 

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The Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math & Science programs are committed to providing our participants with a robust and holistic experience that explores their vast interest, enhances their talents and makes them a competitive college applicant.


In order to achieve this goal we provide our scholars with a variety of club experiences driven by their feedback. Club offerings can change from year to year based upon the makeup of our scholars and graduating cohorts. 


In partnership with the ASAP Debate program, Upward Bound scholars participate in the debate program. The club participants learn critical thinking skills, improve their argumentative writing skills and gain increased confidence as they strengthen their public speaking skills. 




The Media Productions club offers scholars the opportunity to combine their admiration of the arts while developing technical skills. The scholar who participates in media productions has an interest in the graphic arts, theatre, photography, videography and productions at a minimum. The media productions club also supports the development of creative content across all programs. 




Annually, the Upward Bound program competes in a city-wide basketball tournament with the other Upward Bound programs throughout the region. Led by Coach Chuck Ellis, our co-ed team of scholars are taught the fundamentals of basketball, teamwork and sportsmanship. 




Led by Chanel Holland of Chocolate Ballerinas, our dance club offers scholars an introduction to all forms of dance. The commitment to develop positive body image through movement has made this program one of our summer program staples that we now have the pleasure to offer year round.




Scholars in the coding club learn the basics of programming languages, such as Java and Python. They also apply these skills to learning to operate and fly drones through consistent participation. 

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