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We are aware (and research supports) that the playing field far from level. Enrichment EDGE programs are designed to give Scholars an edge to compete. From Booster Shots that keep Scholars sharp & focused in middle school to SAT & ACT Prep Classes in high school, every program our Scholars experience moves them closer to success. 


6th & 7th Grade

Introducing Steppingstone Scholars' New! ENRICHMENT EDGE Program!

BOOSTER SHOTS give your Scholar an edge against the competition!

Booster Shot monthly events are designed to:​

  • support Scholars through Life Skills & Advising support

  • expose Scholars to high-level thinking challenges (math, literacy & robotics)

  • give families direct access to Steppingstone advisors on a regular basis

  • support Scholars through mentoring opportunities

  • click here for more information...

Classes start Saturday, January 7th, 2017.

Booster Shots


6th - 12th Grade

Steppingstone Scholar's Tutoring Program

runs weekly on Saturdays during the school year. Scholars and their families are welcome to drop in or make an appointment during program time.

Tutoring has been proven to:​

  • improve academic performance

  • provide intensive practice for students

  • offer a more systematic, structured learning experience

  • improve student attitudes towards subject area

  • click here for infographic for more!

Would you like to tutor a Scholar?

Steppingstone Scholars, Inc. is currently in the process of recruiting volunteers to assist in tutoring our scholars enrolled in the 6th-12th grade... More...



7th - 10th Grade

Step It UP! is a 5 week summer academic preparation and enrichment program for rising 7th through 10th grade Scholars. It is part of the academic services provided by the Support Services Department to prepare students for the upcoming school year... More...



11th & 12th Grade

The Steppingstone Academy (TSA) offers a 9-week ACT/SAT Prep course for 11th and 12th grade students during the fall and spring of each year. TSA students attend Saturday sessions at Temple University where they use competitive test prep books and online resources to sharpen their skills. During each session, students learn new test-taking strategies and innovative approaches to important content areas.

Class Starting Soon!


For more information contact:

Stephanie Tisdale at (215) 204-8283 or

SAT & ACT Prep Classes
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