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A critical component in creating the college going culture is our work in supporting students and families navigating high school selection. This support and mentorship, done in partnership with the school partner’s counselor, is essential on two levels. First, the choices facing families at the high school level are truly staggering: There are 90 high schools between the traditional public system and charter schools serving high school students, many with unique admission requirements or processes. Families, in high poverty schools are making decisions with a dearth of information or support. Their decisions have profound implications on a student’s chances of completing high school and college. Secondly, a pillar of the college prep culture is the idea that a child has a future worth thinking about and planning for. Our integrated set of family and student workshops, school wide assemblies, and college visits use the high school selection process as a way to engage students and families to plan and build toward their educational future.  All programming will be open to all 6th through 8th grade students and their families in the partner school communities.

As part of our high school choices services, Steppingstone Scholars hosts an annual Career and Technical Education (CTE) Fair. Students spend half a day getting insight from teachers and students from various CTE schools on the benefits of the a CTE education. 

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