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WorkReady programs offer 12–24-year-olds in Philadelphia opportunities for workforce preparation. WorkReady School-Year opportunities are available by invitation only. WorkReady Summer programming runs between July and August each year. For many young people, work experiences are a critical first introduction to the world of work. WorkReady Summer offers 100+ different programs through 80+ partner organizations throughout Philadelphia. This summer, the program will offer safe in-person experiences for young people to gain valuable experience and develop critical skills. Each year, at least twice as many young people apply for the roughly 8,000 opportunities available. WorkReady partners and supporters are working to raise awareness and raise funds so that more young people can work this summer. WorkReady is managed by the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN). For more information, visit

Our WorkReady Program Options:

Start your paperwork online at,

Referral codes:

  • SL017: Early - TSA 7th - 10th grade students, MGA students

  • IN005: Intermediate - TSA 11th - 12th grade students, BLI 

  • IA011: Innovation Accelerator - UB/UBMS

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