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Steppingstone Scholars is much more than a scholastic & work force program; we are a community.  People and relationships are our greatest strength.  As such, if you need a little extra help or some resources, we are here to support you.  At Steppingstone Scholars, we pride ourself on our commitment to our participants, families and the North Philadelphia community.  


The resources below answer commonly requested resources, like where to find utility assistance programs and how to find free food in your neighborhood. Additionally, the COVID-19 link will take you to the Department of Public Health's main page, which has important news to keep you and your family informed and safe! If you do not see the necessary resource below, reach out to one of our program associates and we will connect you with a local resource to meet your needs.

Stay safe everyone and

wash your hands!




First Generation

College Student


Did you know Michelle Obama was a

first generation college student?!  Hear what advice she has for students in this video:

Disability Resources

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