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Steppingstone Scholars, Inc. Receives $25,000 Grant to Help Provide Philadelphia Youth With a Path t

The Steppingstone Scholars, Inc., located at 1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave in Philadelphia, has received a $25,000 grant from the Children’s Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation, which is supported annually through generous contributions from the Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies. This grant will support The Steppingstone Academy Program (TSA). Announcement of the grant was made by Pedro A. Ramos, President and CEO of the Foundation.

Sean Vereen, President of Steppingstone Scholars, Inc. said “We are so excited for the generous support from the Children’s Scholarship Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation. We are at a critical moment in the lives of youth in our city this support allows us to continue make a long term commitment to provide a pipeline to college and career for talented low-income students who are educationally underserved students.”

Support from the Children’s Scholarship Fund of The Philadelphia Foundations will be used to accomplish the main goal of The Steppingstone Academy, which is to address the persistent and growing achievement gap in Philadelphia, stemming from educationally underserved students’ lack of access to high quality enrichment, leadership, and academic experiences. The academy provides a curriculum supplemented with college readiness programming and support services, that will narrow racial and socioeconomic driven gaps in access to, preparation for, and achievement in schools and careers.


About Steppingstone Scholars, Inc.

Steppingstone Scholars, working with families and school partners, provides rigorous educational programming and support for talented underserved students in the Philadelphia Region to achieve academic success, opportunity, and a college degree. Steppingstone’s programs focus on serving students ages 10-24, in order to help them be successful in middle and high school, and now through college.

About The Philadelphia Foundation

Founded in 1918, The Philadelphia Foundation (TPF) strengthens the economic, social and civic vitality of Greater Philadelphia. TPF grows effective philanthropic investment, connects individuals and institutions across sectors and geography, and advances civic initiatives through partnerships and collaboration. A publicly supported foundation, TPF manages more than 900 charitable funds established by its donors and makes over 1,000 grants and scholarship awards each year. To learn more, visit

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